Therapeutic Training and Courses

Out of the Woods aim to offer a range of CPD courses for professionals working with children and courses for parents, carers and adoptive and foster parents.

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For Schools

'Attachment in the Classroom'

A 2 hour Teacher INSET training that builds attachment in the classroom and a more therapeutically minded school. A chance to build teacher-child relationships by learning about some basic Play Therapy skills this course is interactive and fun yet impactful.

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'Registered SandStory Skills® Practitioner Training'

Offered as a two day in-person training for groups of 4 (minimum), this course teaches the soft skills needed to work with sand trays safely for those who are not trained as therapists. The aim is to build the confidence to support children's emotional well being as they tell their personal stories in the sand.

At it's heart, the training aims to delineate a 'line in the sand' in terms of the SAFE REMIT for practitioners - so that they keep themselves safe (within the remit of their job description) AND the participants (whether these are the children, young people or adults) in their care.

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A 6 module online version of this course is now available at half price until 1/01/2023. (From £300 to £150) For more information and to book  go to 

For Parents and Carers

'Parent and Child Attachment Play' (PCAP)

PCAP is an innovative and playful 10 step approach to empower parents and carers as the change agents in their own families. The practitioner works with the parent only, sharing skills to increase confidence and promote attachment. The parent is then encouraged to transfer these skills to the home environment with the support of the practitioner. Fundamentally, PCAP enables parents and carers to strengthen the quality of relationship with their children.

PCAP practitioners can gently interrupt the known problems of attachment transmission evident in many families, in which relational difficulties appear to pass down generations. 

Groups and individual sessions available.

An 5 module online version of this course is now available where participants will be supported by a PCAP trained facilitator . 

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