Parent and child therapy sessions

Out of the Woods offers the following parent/child sessions.

Therapeutic Life Story Work

What is Therapeutic Life Story Work?

Therapeutic Life Story Work originally began as a way of helping children in the care system to develop a sense of identity and continuity. Life story work takes many formats from books to later life letters and memory boxes.

Life story work is a therapeutic tool that can help children resolve early trauma and form secure attachments with their adoptive parents and foster carers.

Parent Child Attachment Play (PCAP)

What is PCAP?

PCAP is an innovative and playful 10 step approach to empower parents and carers as the change agents in their own families. The practitioner works with the parent only, sharing skills to increase confidence and promote attachment. The parent is then encouraged to transfer these skills to the home environment with the support of the practitioner.

Autplay Therapy

What is Autplay?

AutPlay Therapy was created by Dr. Robert Jason Grant and is an integrative family play therapy approach for addressing the needs of autistic children and their families. It combines the therapeutic powers of play therapy and relationship development approaches together in an integrative model to assist children and adolescents to gain social skills.

AutPlay Therapy is a neurodiversity affirming collaborative process designed to value the individual child and highlight their strengths as well as  addressing the needs of the child and family. The therapeutic powers of play (core change agents) are utilized to address a variety of possible needs including emotional regulation struggles, social navigation needs, engagement/connection growth, anxiety and fear reduction, sensory challenges, executive functioning struggles, depression and self-esteem issues, trauma issues, stigmatization, and parent/child relationship struggles.

We can offer Individual sessions, Autplay play groups and Autplay Social Skills groups.

Parent and baby therapy sessions

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