We rely on Fundraising & Grants to provide families in Cornwall with fully funded or subsidised Play and creative arts therapy sessions. 

In 2023 we helped 29 families with fully funded sessions and 5 families with subsidised sessions.  Thanks to your kind donations and support. In 2024 we aim to help even more families but we cant do it without your help! 

Play therapy doesn't just impact the child or young person attending the sessions we believe it impacts approximately 50 people in the child or young persons community (Based on an average of 2 parents, 1 sibling, 4 grandparents, 29 peers and 2 teaching staff) Statistics also show that dealing with childhood issues early can prevent or minimise the young person having issues in the future. 

Here's what some of our families say about us!

“The therapist’s approach has been very professional and caring; my grandson has established a good relationship with her. Aside from the sessions the therapist has been very supportive of the family and is very approachable. she has given us lots of advice on how to move forward. She has been key in our handling of the situation and we have been very grateful for her input.”

“The service the therapist provides is so appreciated and has made a huge impact to my daughter and our families lives. My daughter feels supported by the therapist, she is kind and very approachable. All my concerns are greeted with empathy and the utmost of care. The therapist was extremely helpful and efficient with sorting out appointments/times and a venue.”

“I would recommend Out of the Woods to anyone in need of seeking play therapy for their child. Our family is very grateful for the service which has been provided.”

“We were all put at ease quickly, from the initial parent meetings to the first and subsequent sessions with the boys. They came to really enjoy their sessions. We were given lots of feedback and any questions we had were answered clearly and quickly.”

“I was at breaking point with no support & made to feel I was a bad parent & you guys came along & my life changed. The therapist is obviously there for my son but also there for me which means so much & I no longer feel alone & that I am a great parent & that my child is unique & special in his own ways & I now celebrate this. The therapist truely is amazing & just gets it & my son feels so happy & comfortable with her.”

“it’s really made a difference, I’m so proud of my daughter, she’s grown so much it’s been amazing thank you.”

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