Individual and group therapy sessions

Child therapy sessions - for individuals and groups 

Play therapy can address a range of difficulties.A child may not be reaching their full potential for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

  • experiences nightmares/disturbed sleep
  •  has anxiety, stress or phobias
  • is withdrawn or unhappy
  • experiencing bullying or bullying others
  • difficulties making friends
  • has suffered trauma
  • has experienced or witnessed emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • is adopted or fostered
  • has parents who are separated/divorced
  • is suffering from loss or bereavement
  • is at risk of being excluded from school

Out of the Woods recommends a minimum of 12 individual therapy sessions and a minimum of 6 group sessions.

Individual therapy sessions are recommended for mild to severe difficulties.

Group therapy sessions are suitable for mild to moderate difficulties and each member of the group would have similar presenting concerns. Siblings or young carers are a group of children that may be particularly suited to group therapy. Children who need encouragement to connect socially with other children in a safe environment may also benefit from group therapy.

Please contact us for advice and we will help you to find a therapist best suited to your child's needs.

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