Emma Musto

Therapeutic Play skills Practitioner
Emma Musto

My name is Emma Musto. As a Play Therapy UK registered Therapeutic Play Skills Practitioner I am qualified to work with a wide range of children with mild to moderate difficulties. Before I trained with Play Therapy UK I worked for over 2 years in mental health social work and over 8 years in education welfare, and I have 4 years volunteering experience with Dreadnought Aspires program for autistic young people, so I became interested in helping children and their families overcome barriers to education, and find the keys to good mental health. As a parent myself I have first hand experience of the challenges for neurodiverse children and their families in the education system, and I am passionate about doing something to help every child and young person to embrace their own unique giftings and individuality.

I also hold a Best Practice certificate in outdoor therapeutic play, and I’m enthusiastic about the therapeutic healing potential of the Great Outdoors.

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"I cannot begin to explain the difference that play therapy made to my son. He was dealing with some major anxiety but now after his play therapy sessions with Carol he is a changed child, so happy and confident. I cannot thank Out of the Woods enough for the change that they made to our son's life and our whole family unit. I would recommend this to anyone".


I received great support from Out Of The Woods when our family needed it the most. Thank you.

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