We are thrilled to announce that we have been successful in securing a grant of £5000 from Cornwall Community Foundation. This will enable us to employ someone to help us with the administration of the company as well as support our current projects. Our first  year has been extremely busy with the company receiving many more referrals than expected and leading to several other play and creative arts therapists across Cornwall coming on board to meet demand. It is fantastic that we are able to offer support to so many families but alongside the demand comes extra emails, paperwork and accounting! As both Directors are play therapists themselves, it is a huge relief to be able to pay someone to support us with this.

When we started Out of the Woods, we always hoped it would grow into a sustainable company that would be able to offer free or subsidised therapy to those families that needed support the most. However, it has taken us aback how quickly we have grown and we are so .proud that we have been able to achieve our aims. We have been able to offer free sessions to several families already- via funding and our own fundraising as well as each therapist donating a percentage of their fee. The Cornwall Community Foundation grant will assist in maintaining this positive start and we feel that we can move forward with confidence and excitement for the future.